Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reflection and Renewal: We Should Focus On Giving, Not Getting


Your kingdom's wisdom lies in the time-tested truth that the more that we live to love and give that love away, the more that we are growing towards grace. But if we're honest, we have to admit that we often struggle to live out that kind of self-giving love.

Sometimes we simply get distracted. Without even meaning to, we can become completely absorbed in our own little corner of the world and lose sight of the bigger picture.

And maybe sometimes we intentionally avoid living out that kind of sacrificial love because - to us - it seems like your kingdom has terrible arithmetic. It is a love that says, "Follow this way of life and give your life," but we're so used to the message that says that the wisest course of action is to "get." We're told to look out for #1, that what we acquire defines our value, and to see our fellow beings as competitors through a lens of scarcity and fear.

We often get it wrong, so we come asking for your grace and mercy.

Give us eyes to see where we've given allegiance to the things other than your kingdom. Give us wisdom to listen; not to the clashing gongs and clanging cymbals of greed, fear, and cynicism - but instead to the still, small voice of your love's life-giving power.