Monday, May 22, 2017

Reflection and Renewal: Not Seeing Original Goodness Or Need For Community


You are loving and kind. Your grace is bottomless. You want us to reflect that same love, kindness, and grace in your world.

But this can be difficult to do sometimes. We're constantly bombarded with a different message from other voices;
voices that say that we are the center of our world, voices that say that our focus should narrowly hone in on getting ahead, voices that say that we should pursue what will gratify us instantly.

As a result, we sometimes find ourselves pushing away from community and connection because we don't want
anything to prevent us from having things go our way - because we want to have control.

Other times, we think we're not worthy of being loved. We think that we have no value and that if anyone knew the real us,
they wouldn't want anything to do with us.

It can be so easy for us to get off track. Without intending to, we slide back into familiar ways of thinking, so we need your grace.

May your love and mercy be continual reminders of the abundant life and well-being that we should wish for all of your creation. May your goodness be a continual reminder of the inherent value that we have and the original goodness that you created the universe with.

May we stay committed to one another and remain active together in the ongoing work to renew and restore your world.