Sunday, December 4, 2016

Song "Mary Did You Know?" vs The Magnificat

Based on the text of the Magnificat, it sure seems like Mary knew.

In addition, the text of "Mary Did You Know" glosses over the subversive social message Mary sings of in the Magnificat, instead focusing on individual miracles; a sentimentalized, devotional treatment all-too-common in the Praise Music world.

As Nadia Bolz Weber writes in Preaching The Whole Magnificat:

"Mary's song isn’t a docile picture of obedience singing about how great it is to be pregnant. Mary is singing of nothing less than complete overturning of the social and economic order.

There’s a reason why the Magnificat is said to have terrified the Russian Czars. Because, the message is that if you find yourself rich and powerful then … watch out! This young little Jewish girl is not singing about a whole lot of good news for you."