Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Reflection and Renewal: Not Pursuing or Believing In Peace


The birth of Jesus is an amazing reminder of how much you celebrate and value the world you created. Thank you for your endless and all-encompassing love.  The angels who announced Jesus' birth sang of that love, which they proclaimed as a message of "peace on earth and goodwill to all."

But if we're honest, we need to confess that sometimes we don't think much beyond our own narrow interests. We all too easily fall into the trap of looking out for #1 and thinking that your world is one where we need to compete with our neighbor to get ahead.

Instead of taking the posture of sacrificial love - which brings about the kind of peace the angels sang about and Jesus taught - we try to achieve peace for ourselves through strength, power, and status.

Other times, we give up hope that peace and goodwill are even possible. When we see the need and brokeness around us, we can become despairing and cynical. We must confess that we often lack faith in your promises and your design for abundant life.

We need your help.

Keep us open.  Keep us hoping.  Teach us to rest in you.