Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day Prayer - Climate Caretakers

Creator God,

Your creativity knows no bounds and your creation shouts of that boundlessness.

Thank you for sharing that creation with us and giving it to us to take care of and look after as our common home. Thank you for the progress that has been made to address carbon pollution and climate change.

Let us take heart from what has been done and from the progress that has been made so far. At the same time may we use the presence of that progress and your presence with us to encourage our next steps.

May your presence and the promise of future progress give us hope. May we and our leaders not rest on past progress or future promise. Instead, empower us to press ahead. Help us to build on that progress, to express your presence and to fulfill that promise.

With love, grace, patience and perseverance may we learn, pray and act together to care for your creation and its climate.