Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Responsive Call To Worship - God Open Us based on Proverbs 19:11

Reader: God, the noise in our lives is loud.
ALL: Open our ears to your still, small voice.

Reader: God, the darkness within and around us feels threatening.
ALL: Open our eyes to the light of your presence.

Reader: God of overflowing mercy, we cling tightly to so many things.
ALL: Open our minds and hands in generosity and joy.

Reader: God of all people, we're often told that we need to fear those who are “other.”
ALL: Open our arms to the stranger, the refugee and the oppressed.
Open our hearts to the expanse of your love.

Reader: God, replace our anger and fear with your peace.
ALL: Open our souls to receive your grace as we give you thanks and praise.