Friday, November 21, 2014

Reflection and Renewal: God Shows No Favoritism


You warmly welcome everyone. You show no favoritism as you work in and through us to heal and restore our lives and our communities in your world.  When you joined the human race, you intentionally counter-acted traditions and practices that were dividing people into "insiders" and "outsiders."

We have to admit; we've done an imperfect job of following Jesus' example. It's an amazing guide, but we seem to struggle greatly to have it shape how we relate to others.  Instead, we often set boundaries that limit our perception.

Many times, we're quick to see differences but very slow to push them back to find new grace. We place people in categories, forgetting that this works against what Jesus taught us about how we are to treat others.

And still, even when we are trying to be faithful and sincerely follow Jesus' example, we find it difficult to be grounded in this vision that is larger than ourselves.

We often get it wrong, so we're asking for your help and acknowledging that we need your grace. 

In your kingdom work of restoration, help us to love others for their sake. Help us to move beyond where we are to where we should be.

Thank you that you constantly surpass the limits we set on you.