Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Responsive Call To Worship based on Romans 12:3-6

Reader: The human body is made up of many parts which are mutually dependent on one another.
All: In the same way we, as children of the one creator God, all belong to one another.

Reader: When we realize this and live it out, we relate to one another in compassion and kindness.
All: The goodness of the divine in us recognizes and honors the goodness of the divine in others.

Reader: This is where we see God - in the ordinary compassion we share with the people around us ...
All: ... in the hug of a friend or the embrace of a family member, as we extend kindness to another human being who is hurting.

Reader: May this helps us to be aware that God’s compassion is constantly surrounding us.
All: So let's give thanks together for the amazing web of grace and love to the one who is its source.