Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reflection and Renewal: Not Living and Giving Abundant Life


Your grace and love brings life and wholeness. It works to set things right so that all of creation can thrive as it was designed to.

But when that fullness of life is thwarted by forces of oppression, self-centeredness and greed, The Spirit is heard in the groaning of all creation for peace, renewal and justice.

Whether we are unintentionally implicit in these wrongs when you have called us to seek mercy ... or have remained on the sidelines when you have called us to be conduits of grace, we have missed the mark.

God, we all-too-easily focus on "just us" and not "justice."  We don't let your love lead us beyond our fear, preconceived notions and man-made dividing lines.  And even when we are trying our best to live and give abundant life, we don't always get it right.

 Forgive us.

Instead our often-narrow vision, help us to see the world as you do. We know that you long for all of creation to be restored. Help us to be a part of that work.