Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Responsive Call To Worship: Presence and Absence

Reader: God, there are times that we come to you in wonder.
All: We have known your love and grace in our own lives and in the lives of our neighbors.

Reader: But God, there also times that we come to you in anger and despair.
We look out and see children dying of hunger, see nations torn apart by war,
All: We see greed and corruption causing suffering and causing creation to groan in suffering.

Reader: And we look within, we see our complicity in much of this.
All: We see our hardened hearts, see our neglected responsibilities.

Reader: Before the mystery of evil seemingly running rampant and injustice
continuing to go unpunished, we ask, “Where are you, God?!?"
All: We lift our voices to you and cry, “O God, why have you abandoned us?”

Reader: So before the mystery both of your presence and of your absence, we wait upon you now.
All: Help to seek you where you can be found.