Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reflection and Renewal: Healthy Growth vs Wanting Power or Remaining Stuck


Your Spirit indwells everything.  It is your hope that all of us would grow in love, compassion, mercy and kindness.   You encourage growth so that we can be your skin to each other; growing together as a community of grace, woven together for strength and support for each other.

But we must confess that we don't always seek this kind of healthy growth. We either seek to dominate others so that we can have power and control … or we prevent our own growth by remaining stuck in debilitating self-doubt, self-loathing and isolation.

God, we need your grace. 

We say we want to grow in love for you 
and others, that we value community and connection, 
that we want to give and receive grace ... but often our lives show just the opposite. 

Help us to reorient our desires and priorities 
to what you've designed us for; to be grace and love to and for another.