Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Justice Confession - Jodi Koeman at Do justice

photo by Jodi Koeman
Behind the call for justice there is a little secret, something I don’t think we like to admit. We like the idea of justice more than we like “doing justice”.

You see, I think I’m someone who works for justice, and who tries, as the Old Testament writers describe, “to put things right”, but when I’m honest, I wonder if justice is more of a hobby than a lifestyle for me.

Justice sure is easier when you are not the one stuck in the mess. As we gain more power, we often gain more distance and disengagement. Our vision for justice seems so simple and clear. We discuss the topics, we write the letters, and we voice our opinions with such confidence. We know the ins and outs of the issues, and we can’t believe that “other people” act unjustly. We say, “Why can’t they...?” “I can’t believe they…” “How could they!” Justice no longer becomes something to live out; it merely becomes something to fight for.

What’s the difference? Living out justice means you are part of the action, you are engaged in the struggle, your life looks differently because of justice. Fighting for justice means you can step in and out of the “ring” when it is convenient for you. Fighting can be done at a distance; living out justice is an up close activity. To be honest, at my best moments, I think I’m just fighting for justice, and it’s leaving me feeling a little shallow.

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