Friday, August 9, 2013

The Holy Spirit, Common Grace and Art - Dialogue Magazine

(an interview with David Bazaan of Pedro The Lion from the Spring 2000 issue of Calvin College's Art Department publication)

Everybody is talented, Christian or non-Christian, because of common grace and because we are created in God's image.

The pretense of something being "Christian" or not ruins any chance of it being great artistically.  There is a lack of faith in God's sovereignty and common grace that is inherent in something needing the pretense of being "Christian."

The problem with Contemporary Christian Music is that art becomes good only in how it works as religious propaganda, and it ceases to be graded on its craft.  There should only be good music and bad music.

Art is at its best when it's not direct.  Art and a newscast are on different ends of the spectrum.  Art attacks our emotions first and sort of gets at our intellect from underneath in many ways.  So the role of the artist is to tilt people's heads upwards and let God's message work itself into their lives.

The artist should rather ask a question that has God in it than give any sort of answer, because good questions compel the hearer of them to dwell on them and let the Spirit ignite the answer in their hearts.

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