Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can Contemporary Worship Music Mature? - Joan Huyser-Honig at Calvin Institute of Worship

Pastors and worship leaders should lead people in a fresh awareness of who God is, what God has done, and how that affects our past, present, and future.

So many worship songs are Jesus or "you, Lord" songs.  The problem is particularly acute in churches that have no liturgy, so the songs bear the whole burden of theology.

Many contemporary worship songs are more about us than about God.  We praise God for making us feel good and impress on God how much we are singing, clapping, lifting our hands.  But Christianity is more than a private relationship.

Some musicians and thinkers are reevaluating how music influences us and whether worship music encompasses the whole of worship.  Instead of asking "What will people really love to sing?", they are asking "What will be helpful for people in the long term?"

When you start to appreciate creation, fall, and redemption through a Trinitarian perspective, you realize we are enabled by the Spirit to worship in Christ - and that pleases God the Father.  It's a more Christian understanding that injects God's grace into worship."

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